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Political Thriller - Dire Warning - CON2=Second Constitutional Convention Article V - must never happen

Thrillers by John T. Cullen. His primary identity for suspense thriller fiction is John T. Cullen. Several of his earlier suspense thrillers made history under the pseudonym John Argo.

John T. Cullen. On this website, Jean-Thomas Cullen explains his thrillers and other suspense stories, and speaks of his favorite books and films. The author writes thrillers (and Nonfiction, on another site) under the names John T. Cullen and John Argo. The thrillers are mostly stand-alone, but unified into a series by their atmosphere and other unique John T. Cullen touches. Once you understand an author, there really is no such thing as a stand-alone; typically, all of an author's works are linked together by a vision larger than any single work.

Author Pen Names: Why John Argo? Who is John T. Cullen? Jean-Thomas Cullen?

On Thriller Street novels Jean-Thomas Cullen writing as John T. Cullen and John Argo