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Political Thriller - Dire Warning - CON2=Second Constitutional Convention Article V - must never happen

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Suspense/Thriller Novels

Washington Under Siege: Autumn of the Republic
    —(2021 Edition of CON2: The Generals of October)

Doctor Night
Doom Spore San Diego
Have Blue
Lethal Journey
Valley of Seven Castles, a Luxembourg Thriller
Vanished Flight 777 (MH370)
Neon Blue: Girl, Unlocked
Terror in my Arms
Airport Novel (World is Round: Memories of Love & War 1942-1992)

Night Shots (Suspense/Thriller Short Story Anthology)

Short Stories: Overview
Broken Wing
Foto Finish
Being & Becoming
The Hill Club

About Author: John Argo, John T. Cullen, Jean T. Cullen.

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NOTE about Vanished Flight 777: Published a first set in June 2014 (Vanished: Flight 777; print and ebook editions). Published a two-year update in March 2016 (MH370 Lemma 3; also print and ebook editions). You can buy either the 2014 or the 2016 edition; the 2016 volume had the same content except for a long, updating 2016 preface on the anniversary of the vanishing of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370. Added that same preface to an updated 2014 release. Upshot: identical content; only the covers are different. Take your pick based on which cover you like).

NOTE about Night Shots (Anthology, shorter stories): As of September 2017, there is not a current edition (e or p) of the anthology Night Shots. That may change soon, but for the moment you can buy individual short stories from Amazon Kindle for reading on your e-reader. Here are some of the titles originally contained in the anthology some years ago.

Café Okay

About Bookshop The main bookshop (Café Okay) is on its own website, networked into the John T. Cullen webplex. The DarkSF bookshop is a subset, serving links for print and ebook editions of DarkSF type titles only. Some have both print and ebook editions, while other (shorter) stories will have only an e-book edition. Other bookshops in the network include that for the Empire of Time (EOT) series of standalones written as John Argo. I have published over fifty books, stories, and articles as John T. Cullen and under my birth name (Jean-Thomas Cullen) as well.


Welcome to Cafe Okay. Read books and articles by John T. Cullen or just hang out

Welcome to Cafe Okay. Read books and articles by John T. Cullen or just hang out

Welcome to Cafe Okay. Read books and articles by John T. Cullen or just hang out