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=  Vanished: Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 2014  =

NOTE 1: Dedicated Website. I chronicled the ongoing investigation as reported mainly in online media (BBC, CNN, AFP, and many more) on my special MH370: Africa Gambit website. As I predicted, debris washed onshore on beaches and islands east of Africa. Authorities spent untold treasure following their theory that the plane went down in the southeastern Indian Ocean off Australia. My premise is that it was hijacked, the mission failed, and the plane crashed in the northwestern Indian Ocean where witnesses saw it heading in the early morning hours after its disappearance. Read all about it on my website.

NOTE 2: Two Editions. I have published two books on this subject, outlining a plausible theory I call Lemma 3. The first of the two (cover at right) is Vanished Flight 777 (Clocktower Books 2014). Despite the subtitle, it is not strictly fiction but more what I call dramatization (faction rather than fiction). Two years later (2016) I published an anniversary edition titled Lemma 3: Africa Gambit. The second book is different only in that it contains a new, lengthy prolog. The dramatization text is the same in both volumes. I kept the first edition in print mainly because I like the cover, but also to establish as a marker that I published my theory just three months after the vanishing—one of aviation history's greatest mysteries.

Fiction Dramatizing A True Story. Almost as I did with the true crime analysis Dead Move, which I complemented with a noir period thriller (Lethal Journey) here I have written a fictional thriller illustrating my theory about what really happened to Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 when it disappeared en route to Hanoi and Beijing from Kuala Lumpur during the early morning darkness of 8 March 2014.

Borrowing Jack Gray. I borrowed Jack Gray, hero of Doctor Night, presumably a decade or two before the world went global. It's 2014 and Jack is on vacation in the Malaya region with his wife and some friends following a mission. Jack Gray is a mysterious figure in his own right, as a History professor who teaches in San Diego, but is also a U.S. Army Reserve officer who often goes away on top secret spy missions. This time, it's about the missing airliner (MH370) and Jack gets sucked into a terrifying adventure that takes him to several locations in the Indian Ocean, including the U.S. Navy base (leased from the U.K.) at Diego Garcia. No, this is not one of those crazed conspiracy theories, one of which typically might have MH370 sitting at Diego Garcia. I have a far more serious, plausible reason for writing this dramatization.

Lemma 3. In my analysis, there are three major possible answers to the MH370 mystery. Lemma 1: natural disaster (not likely, as my analysis shows). Lemma 2: pilot suicide or the like (again not likely). Lemma 3: hijack with malicious intent, to fly the plane to the Horn of Africa after secretly refueling in the Bay of Bengal. I entertainingly picked Ramree Island off the coast of Myanmar (Burma), which has a horrific history of its own. Coincidentally one of the world's first hijacks took place near here in the 1950s. My theory is that the plane was going to be weaponized and dropped on some horrific target in Europe or the greater region, to an effect worse than the September 11, 2001 attack on New York City.

Not To Be, but Watch Out. We know now that the plane never made it. The mission failed, and parts are drifting on shore off the southeast coast and islands around Africa. Suffice it to say, if we don't learn from MH370, the next one may be brutal beyond all expectations. Follow my continuing analysis here: MH370 Africa. This novel wasn't intended as a fiction with deep character development and all that. It's essentially a dramatization, designed to illustrate a point about the missing plane and Lemma 3.

=  MH370 Lemma 3: Africa Gambit (2016 Update)   =

Original Book and Two-Year Update. I published the 2014 edition in June of that year, positing what I call Lemma 3, a third option not much considered by the authorities searching for the vanished aircraft. My Lemma 3 suggests that the plane was hijacked for the purpose of flying it to Africa, weaponizing it, and dropping it on a horrific target in Europe or the Middle East in an attempt to out-do the Sep 11, 2001 attack on New York City. So far (late 2016) Lemma 3 holds up well. More info on a dedicated website here. The 2016 book is identical to the 2014 edition except for a different title and cover, plus a lengthy, added 2016 updating prolog. You can buy either edition and have the same content.


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