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=  Night Shots: Suspense Series by John Argo  =

Short Stories by John Argo (Jean-Thomas Cullen). My birth name is Jean-Thomas Cullen (received as an Army brat in Europe during the Allied occupaton after World War Two). I use John T. Cullen in the English-speaking world, and John Argo for my genre fiction. The name Argo is from the fabulous adventure ship built (myth has it) during the Iron Age (as moderns call it) Aegean. Argo is crewed by the Argonauts (Argo-sailors), headed by Jason, as they set out on an amazing set of fantastic and SF adventures like finding the Golden Fleece. It's such a compelling archetype that movies are being made about Jason and the Argonauts in modern times. In 1996, when I started publishing e-books online (see the Clocktower Books Museum for details), the entire concept of the World Wide Web (Internet) was so Genesis, so primeval, so amazing and exciting, with limitless possibilities not yet contaminated by criminals and their dirt, that I chose the pseudonym John Argo to express my sense of wonder. We sailed that virtual sea in argosies (fleets; a term derived from that very archetypal myth) of wonder…

Original Night Shots. The original anthology included several more short stories, which will be restored soon. Additionally, I've added two Ghosts in the City stories as supernatural thrillers (and fun, one of them a Hallow E'en story), plus The Hair Ribbon, a Hallow E'en Incident as an outright fun seasonal tail to raise a few goosebumps.


Author Pen Names: Why John Argo? Who is John T. Cullen? Jean-Thomas Cullen?

Cover Page. No reading links: look at the individual pages that follow to read free. Below is a link back to the Bookshop. The anthology is no longer available as an e-book. The individual stories can be purchased for 99 cents at Amazon ("read free or buy").

Short Stories are Free Reads. These short stories from the Night Shots anthology now have free reading (ARC, Galley) links available to my Galley City website. Novels on the other hand are read half/try-buy, but short stories are yours to read (while observing all the intellectual property and copyright conventions as noted for all my work including text and images in the books, in stories, and on web pages. The theme is Read Free or Buy (no obligation nor tracking; 75+ books, articles, & short stories by Summer 2019). Another key theme is Read-a-Latte. For the price of a cup of coffee, you can buy a story. The coffee is gone in minutes, but the story is yours for life. It's a good deal.

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