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Night Shots: Suspense Series by John Argo

=  Broken Wing  =

Welcome to Metrolith City in the near future, where a love story is unfolding amid danger, mystery, and books. We feel right at home amid city lights glowing in the night, and a mixture of good and evil under an alluring city scape. Jack Martin is a young PTSD-suffering veteran turned VA investigator, who is always in the wrong place at the wrong moment, in both war and peace. Or is it war and pieces? A mad bomber is about to create a new 9/11--unless he can be stopped just in the nick of time.

The two major women in Jack Martin's life are a cockatiel named Lucy and an exotic boss who's like an office pharaoh--no sign of romance or allure on the horizon for Jack.Now Jack meets a beautiful if mysterious bookstore owner named Rose Fennel. Rose is an intriguing widow with a story that puts Jack Martin's biography in the shade.

Each of these characters (including the bird) has a broken wing in their own way. Just as Jack is starting to get near first base with Rose Fennel, a mad bomber wants to kill thousands of innocent people--starting in her bookstore. The bomber looks like a typical book browser, loitering among Rose Fennel's YANAPOP titlesYoung Adult, New Adult, Participating Older Persons. Rose Fennel is an original, with great marketing ideas.

As the bomber gets ready to strike, Jack and the rest of the VA cops are caught off guard.

What happens next, and what Rose Fennel does, will surprise you. It surprised even the author, who wrote the story, and has never been the same since..


Author Pen Names: Why John Argo? Who is John T. Cullen? Jean-Thomas Cullen?

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